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Residential Landscape and Garden Designs. Don’t mind planting yourself, but aren’t sure what to put where? Have you relocated a shrub that you installed-sometimes more than once because it wasn’t thriving? We’ll create your dream garden with you.


Outdoor & Landscape Lighting. Show off your home or just enjoy it yourself after dark. 


Commercial/Industrial landscape design and lighting. Let Carriage House help you make your business more welcoming to your customers and lower maintenance for you and your staff.


Site Evaluations. Want to know if all your plants are healthy and being taken care of properly? We’ll let you know. 


Plant Identification. Just moved in to your home or don’t know the names of all your plants? We can help.


Disease and Insect Identification and Diagnoses. Do you have plants turning brown or dying? Don’t wait until they are dead! Let us help you diagnose and save them.


Customized Landscape Maintenance Plans. Properly care for your investment by pruning and maintaining at the proper times.


Perennial, Tree and Shrub Care Instruction. Want to know how and when to properly prune your shrubs? Do you know when to deadhead and divide your perennials? We will work with you and teach you how to do it yourself the right way so you can maintain your property on your own.


"Dealing with Carriage House design has been great! Last year Lori put in a lot of time designing a plan for our back yard, but her advice and help didn't end after the plan was given to us. She is always willing to answer a question and even came yesterday to show me how to prune. I found out it's more than just cutting above a bud. I learned to remove what is dead on the plant, to take out any branches that cross and touch another branch and which bud to cut above so that the plant grows to the desired shape. Thank you, Lori!     - Bev R., Macungie



Pond/Water Garden Evaluation and Instruction. Just inherit a pond or water garden and don’t know the difference between a pump and a filter or how it all goes together? Is it working properly? We can show you.


Preparing to sell your home? We can help get your landscape in shape and add curb appeal for a faster sale and better sale price.



Theme gardens. Have a certain type of garden in mind? Here are a few ideas:

Fragrant Garden

Evening/White Garden

Children’s Garden

Kitchen Garden

Rose Garden

Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden

Oriental Garden

Mediterranean Garden

Accessible Garden

Shade Garden



Have a garden or plant-related question? Need advice? Just call or email us. We’ll be glad to help. 

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We can tell you where to put it!

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