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Design Process

Our process begins with an on-site home consultation. We will schedule a visit to get to know you and discuss your needs, likes, dislikes, timetable, and budget. We will also obtain photos and other information necessary to complete your custom landscape design. Your design may include plantings, hardscaping (such as paver walkways or patios) and perhaps even a water feature.


Designs and plans are then reviewed and finalized with the client. Your satisfaction is our first priority. Any changes, additions or corrections will be made and all plants and materials in the design are described and explained. Your design includes a full-color planting plan, a digitally enhanced image of your home to help you visualize your project and plant care information to help you maintain it properly.


More complex and large-scale projects that involve extensive hardscaping, retaining walls, swimming pools or custom structures may require several meetings with the client. Smaller and less complex designs are often finalized in as little as two meetings.

Once your custom landscape design is finalized, you can install this yourself, which can save quite a bit of money, or hire a landscape contractor to install all or part of it for you. Some designers work with in house contracting operations – known as Design/Build. We work solo and have developed strong relationships with professional landscape contractors that we are confident in working with or recommending. These relationships are very useful to anyone planning to hire installers for the construction phase. We work with any contractor, whether your trusted professional or one recommended by us.



No matter what size your property, whether you have lived in your home for many years or are building your dream home, Carriage House Landscape Design can help your property stand out in your neighborhood or blend in with your surroundings.


Proper landscaping not only provides attractive areas for entertaining and living, it can save money on heating and cooling, block noise or unwanted views and increase the value of your property.


Our personalized designs are distinctive and functional. We specialize in all aspects of landscape design with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. Carriage House interprets your tastes and expresses them in a spectacular, naturally harmonious landscape.


Carriage House can help green industry professionals, nursery and garden centers, builders, and commercial and investment property owners. Whether it’s a one-time project or you would like to provide custom designs for all your customers, we can help take your business to the next level with professional designs and presentations. One of the real benefits of working with a professional landscape designer in the design development process is having this person stay with your client through the construction phase, freeing up your valuable time.


"I knew you were the right choice to design our front foundation landscaping and lighting after you did such a masterful job in our back yard! I am delighted with our new look and I can’t wait to see it change season by season. You are wonderful to work with, with your friendly, calm demeanor and you will be highly recommended by me to others. Thank you so much for the two beautiful gardens!"- Linda Z., Bethlehem

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