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Plant Health Care

Carriage House provides Integrated Pest Management based Plant Health Care for our residential and commercial clients by identifying and controlling harmful insects and diseases. Knowing what you are controlling saves time, uses less harmful chemicals and prevents the loss of expensive plant material.


We have an extensive background in harmful and beneficial insects, plant diseases and weeds that can appear on your property and damage your valuable landscaping. By monitoring for insects and diseases and managing at the proper times and with proper controls, you can prevent the loss of trees and shrubs and save money-sometimes thousands of dollars in replacement costs!


Whether you own an investment, commercial or residential property, a consultation can benefit you when acquiring or preparing to sell a property, planning a maintenance program or evaluating the current condition and health of existing plants on the property.

What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (or IPM) is an approach to pest control with a focus on pest prevention. By eliminating the causes of pest problems, the need for pesticides is reduced. Prevention is more effective and provides long term control.

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We can tell you where to put it!

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